Patient Zero

Patient Zero


After an unprecedented global pandemic has turned the majority of humankind into violent 'Infected', a man gifted with the ability to speak the Infected's new language leads the last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure.

Title Patient Zero
Director of Photography Benedict Neuenfels
Producer Vincent Newman
Runtime 1 h 26 min
Certification R
Release Date 14 August 2018
IMDb Id tt3458254

More Zombies….?! Yup. We find ourselves in yet another scenario of some mysterious global pandemic that has infected almost all people and turned them into aggressive flesh eaters, but wait, there’s hope: not everyone is infected just yet, and some people even turn out to be immune, so together with the army they are working to find a cure. Thank god for that. Now if only they can find Patient Zero – then they can create the anti-viral strain that will surely prove to be able to save mankind.

Heading up this momentous task is Dr. Rose (Nathalie Dormer), and she is helped by Morgan (Matt Smith). Now you need to understand that this virus not only turns humans into crazed flesh hunters, it also makes them speak a different language. Why or how? Who knows, but it must be a plot device to give Morgan purpose: for he and only he is a) not infected and b) can speak the zombie language, so he is the key to finding patient zero. A large part of the film is about Morgan ‘interviewing’ the infected. This is all fairly uneventful and unsuccessful, but luckily sometime midway through the film an infected called The Professor (Stanley Tucci) is captured. Ah, finally someone on screen who can act and has some fun with this role! This briefly raises the level of this movie, and the viewers’ hopes that this film is going somewhere after all. But alas, before long the plot jumps headfirst into Zombie Pandemonium towards its ‘grand’ finale…

After seeing this movie it is not a surprise it didn’t get a theatrical release – straight to streaming and dvd it went. Despite some decent names the plot is just not very interesting. Written by Mike Le, a screenwriter who has only failed scripts to his name, there are some very simple questions that never get addressed in the film, yet there are copious (flashback) scenes that add nothing at all to the storyline other than padding. If only the writer had focused a bit more on content or even just atmosphere rather than creating fluff to reach 90 minutes of screen time… Besides that, there is no real tension and certainly no horror of any kind. Matt Smith is particularly annoying to watch, and for some reason he has an American accent that just doesn’t work at all; you’ll quickly root for any Infected to punch his face or rip his throat out. Stanley Tucci is fun to watch, but even he cannot salvage this pointless affair.


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