Ink (8/10)



Invisible forces exert power over us in our sleep. A mercenary named Ink, on a literal nightmare mission, captures the spirit of 8-year-old Emma (Quinn Hunchar) in the dream world. To save her, the dream-givers marshall all their resources , focusing on saving the soul of Emma's tragically broken father

Title Ink
Director Jamin Winans
Director of Photography
Runtime 1 h 46 min
Certification NR
Release Date 23 January 2009
IMDb Id tt1071804

The story is set in a world of a daily and eternal battle between two sets of creatures of the night – the Storytellers and the Incubi. The Storytellers bring people beautiful and happy dreams, whilst the Incubi bring fear and nightmares…

The tale is really about John, a career focused man who seems to have lost his purpose and direction. As his daughter is kidnapped by Ink, we slowly find out his personal history over the course of the film. Chris Kelly plays a credible John – whilst in early scenes he seems a bit shallow and stereotypical in his acting, he does a solid job of portraying the different sides of his personality and stages of his life experience. There are a couple of otherworldly characters that are neither Storytellers nor Incubi that don’t really work so well – both in terms of the plot and in their acting – but they are minor and don’t really detract from the experience.

It is a low budget indie movie – the director Winans failed to sell the script to the big studios so decided to go it alone – yet the cinematography and score are unique and immersive. It channels a feel of the better days of Terry Gilliam, mixed with a dash of Guillermo del Toro.

At its core it is a very simple story about losing or finding oneself, but it is told in a universe that takes the experience to a different level. You read some books their plot and others for their prose. This movie you watch for its cinematic prose.

A generous 8/10.

Ink (8/10)
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