Midnight Special (7/10)

Midnight Special

He's not like us.


A father and son go on the run after the dad learns his child possesses special powers.

Title Midnight Special
Director Jeff Nichols
Director of Photography Adam Stone
Runtime 1 h 52 min
Certification PG-13
Release Date 18 March 2016
Tagline He's not like us.
IMDb Id tt2649554

A seemingly estranged father (Michael Shannon) appears to kidnap his own son from what turns out to be a cult and takes him on the road… But why? And where are they going? And why was the boy revered by this cult?

The details slowly emerge as the chase progresses and we learn more about the boy, Alton, and certain powers he seems to possess. But we never quite understand them, and the director (Jeff Nichols) keeps playing with the audience’s understanding of what may be going on.

The set-up is excellent, and the storytelling is great. Joel Edgerton and Kirsten Dunst play solid supporting roles to Michael Shannon. There are genuine twists and revelations that keep you interested.

Unfortunately the final reveal isn’t particularly satisfying as it doesn’t explain in any way why Alton has certain abilities or powers, but more importantly, how these powers connect with the big reveal towards the end of the movie; a movie doesn’t have to explain all of its mystery of course, but by not making any connection between the unexplained special powers of Alton and the grand finale, it doesn’t quite manage to convince.

Which is a shame as there is plenty of intriguing mystery and storytelling, but as much as the opening sizzles, the finale somewhat fizzles. Still, if you enjoy story-based science fiction it is worth seeing.


Midnight Special (7/10)
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