Headhunters (6/10)


The hunt is on.


Everybody wants something. Nobody gets it for free. Not without stepping over corpses. The headhunt has begun.

Title Headhunters
Director Morten Tyldum
Director of Photography John Andreas Andersen
Runtime 1 h 40 min
Certification R
Release Date 26 August 2011
Tagline The hunt is on.
IMDb Id tt1614989

A Norwegian crime thriller based on a Jo Nesbø book about a headhunter with ambitions.

Various interesting productions have come from Scandinavia over the last decade or so, but I don’t think this is one of them… The storyline is fairly silly, the characters shallow, and the missed forensic clues must be everywhere… Nevertheless it is a pretty enjoyable watch, but a thriller it is not. It is almost slapstick.

Should you watch it? Maybe if you are a Nesbø fan, but approach it as a dark comedy rather than a quality crime movie.




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