A Hard Day (7/10)

A Hard Day


On the way to his mother’s funeral, a detective accidentally hits a person with his car. He takes the body with him and puts it into his mother’s coffin. The moment he feels relieved, he receives a call. This caller insists that he saw the detective’s hit-and-run, but instead of asking for money, he wants to know about the body’s whereabouts, leading to a do-or-die showdown of the witness and detective.

Title A Hard Day
Director Kim Seong hoon
Director of Photography
Runtime 1 h 51 min
Release Date 29 May 2014
IMDb Id tt3697626

A little-known but fun thriller from South Korea.

A corrupt cop gets entangled in a web of his own making. And in someone else’s web too. It’s just one of those days where everything and everyone seems against you. There’s plenty of action and the plot moves along at a good pace throughout with enough twists to keep things interesting, and as the story evolves more dark comedy is introduced.

It does get a bit too silly at times, but somehow the movie gets away with it. It is pretty good fun.

A Hard Day (7/10)
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