Time Lapse (5/10)

Time Lapse

What would you do if you found a camera that took photos one day in the future?


Three friends discover a mysterious machine that takes pictures 24hrs into the future and conspire to use it for personal gain, until disturbing and dangerous images begin to develop.

Title Time Lapse
Director Bradley King
Director of Photography
Runtime 1 h 44 min
Release Date 15 May 2014
Tagline What would you do if you found a camera that took photos one day in the future?
IMDb Id tt2669336

Yet another time travel movie? Well at least it has its own twist: the machine in this movie doesn’t make people travel in time, it is a camera that takes pictures 24 hours into the future.

The concept is interesting enough; the consequences are unfortunately somewhat predictable: it will be used for personal gain, which unsurprisingly in the end backfires in an increasingly destructive fashion.

It is not a bad movie at all; it is not exactly boring either to be honest, but it just isn’t quite strong enough. As the concept is pretty clear about 30 minutes in, instead of the plot thickening as the story progresses, your interest slowly wanes…Even as new ‘twists’ are introduced, they don’t quite manage to convince.

A cinematic experience it is not, maybe it is an ok TV movie, but probably this should have been a quite good 45 minute Twilight Zone episode. The ending is a classic in that regard.

Catch it when you have nothing better to do, but don’t go out of your way to see this.

Time Lapse (5/10)
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