Overcome your fears


A single mom tries to break free from a mysterious organization that has abducted her.

Title Rupture
Director Steven Shainberg
Director of Photography Karim Hussain
Runtime 1 h 42 min
Certification 15
Release Date 15 July 2016
Tagline Overcome your fears
IMDb Id tt4578118

I don’t mind the odd sci-fi B-movie. If it manages to embrace and spin a decent story from an interesting idea or concept it doesn’t need big names or fancy sets and effects. The problem of course more often than not is that whilst the core concept may have potential, the story built around it leaves you disappointed.

In Rupture, Noomi Rapace plays Renee, a divorced mother who one day finds herself abducted and taken to some secret facility. She soon finds out she is not the only abductee there, but why was she brought there remains a mystery. But she, like the others in this facility, is tied down onto a bed and before long her kidnappers start various ‘tests’ on her; following ‘protocol’, pushing her buttons, but why…? What are they trying to find out…?

There are two main problems with the movie unfortutately. Firstly, almost every scene where the kidnappers speak seems to either purposefully progress the plot or deliberately lift a bit more of the veil of secrecy. In itself this doesn’t have to be an issue, but here it just all seems too deliberate, as if someone sat down and plotted a storyline as to how to get from A to B and what plotpoints or hints were required for the viewer to get taken along on the ride, and that is exactly what was implemented. It feels unnatural and thereby rather fails to really engage the viewer.

Secondly, as the plot bit by bit reveals what is going on, the big reveal is just rather underwhelming; it doesn’t really instill awe, inspiration or fear.

The best bit is the middle section – when Renee has just arrived at the facility and is trying to figure out what is going on and looking for a way out. The audience is taken along with her on a journey of fear and suspense, as we know nothing more than she does. Her acting in situations of distress is quite credible, and we’re happy to root for her.

The cinematography is pretty good as it befits the claustrophobic environment and experience, and use of cgi is very limited. The movie is not a failure at all, and will still be a worthwhile watch for some, but as a whole it doesn’t quite deliver a satisfying story or experience unfortunately.


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