Stop the unstoppable


France, June 1944. On the eve of D-Day, some American paratroopers fall behind enemy lines after their aircraft crashes while on a mission to destroy a radio tower in a small village near the beaches of Normandy. After reaching their target, the surviving paratroopers realise that, in addition to fighting the Nazi troops that patrol the village, they also must fight against something else.

Title Overlord
Director Julius Avery
Runtime 1 h 50 min
Certification 18
Release Date 1 November 2018
Tagline Stop the unstoppable
IMDb Id tt4530422

It’s 1944. A squadron of US paratroopers is ordered to a small village in France right ahead of D-Day to take down a particular clock tower.  In it, a Nazi radio installation relays communications between Berlin and the bunkers at the Normandy beaches, which could interfere with D-Day operations. After their plane is shot down, the few survivors must find their way to the village and the clock tower. They run into a French woman who helps them and hides them in her home in the village. As the soldiers look to find ways to take out what turns out to be much more of a Nazi fortress than they had expected, they discover a horrible truth: a Nazi doctor is in charge of human experiments in an attempt to produce a serum that will allow the nazis to create invincible soldiers.

The concept may take some historical truths to a silly extreme, but it does this well. The script is pretty taut – there is not much meandering, there is mostly visceral action, with suspense and danger around every corner. The ‘science’ is nonsensical and the characters are not very three-dimensional, but the acting is fine and there is enough in the different characters to be entertained as you predictably root for the paratroopers and against the Nazis. The cinematography is surprisingly good, at times even excellent.

You’ll find yourself well into B-movie guilty pleasure territory with this movie, and if you accept that, Overlord is a cut above what you’d expect in terms of production value and script, and overall makes for a pretty entertaining Nazi zombie horror gorefest.



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