12 November

Which Bond movie is best? The definitive 007 film ranking – from awful to awesome

Ah, Mr Bond! We've been... inspecting you. Now that Spectre has arrived, Digital Spy has attempted the impossible: ranking all 24 films of the 007…

23 September

‘Upstream Color’ Director Shane Carruth Goes Big-Budget for ‘The Modern Ocean’

Shane Carruth has made two movies, Primer and Upstream Color, with a long quiet period between them. Both those films were totally independent, low-budget affairs;…

23 September

Ridley Scott Planning Another Three ‘Prometheus’ Films?!

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was originally meant as a one-shot prequel to his 1979 Alien – at least until Damon Lindelof got his hands on the…

29 June

Indiana Jones beats James Bond to top list of greatest movie characters of all time

Indiana Jones has defeated James Bond to be named the greatest movie character of all time. Harrison Ford, 72, also took third place for his…

Image from the movie "John Wick"
05 May
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John Wick 2 With Keanu Reeves Officially Announced

Lionsgate has officially confirmed plans for John Wick 2, a sequel to the 2014 film which starred Keanu Reeves, directed by David Leitch and Chad…

28 April

Seven Soviet sci-fi films everyone should see

From Tarkovsky to the ‘godfather of Star Wars’, The Calvert Journal looks back at the finest examples of Soviet futurism   Read the whole article

22 April
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Christopher Nolan on His Gradual Ascent: Young Filmmakers, Stop Rushing

As an interview subject, Christopher Nolan is an expert diplomat: He’s great at sounding forthright while not saying anything particularly revealing. But, holding forth on…

21 April

Prometheus 2 will be set on Earth, director Ridley Scott reveals amazing details (spoiler alert)

SPOILER ALERT! Don't read this article if you want to avoid spoilers on Prometheus 2.... Last month, certain reports indicated that the official title of…

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08 April

All Time Travel Movies from 1896 and on

Time Travel is increasingly coming into use as relevant and accepted plot premise. One reason could be a desire for ever more story plots to…

07 April

A Peek Inside Pixar’s INSIDE OUT

There is what I often refer to as “Pixar’s First Golden Era” which was bookended by the first and third Toy Story films in 1995…