Pain and Gain (2013): 7/10

Director: Michael Bay
Actors: Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Tony Shalboub, Ed Harris, Anthony Mackie

Michael Bay + Marky Mark + The Rock…? That doesn’t bode well… So I started watching it with some trepidation. Guess what: it is surprisingly entertaining. No spoilers so I won’t go into the story, but these guys have lost the plot. And this is supposedly not even just based on a true story, it effectively is a (Bay-ified) docudrama of the actual events. The acting is surprisingly good – The Rock is funny in his reborn stupidity; Tony Shaloub is on form as asshole/victim, and Mark Wahlberg is believable as the man-with-a-plan.

Good fun. A guilty pleasure if you will. Watch with your mates and a couple of beers.

  1. Does it have a hook? Sort of, but it’s not that important.
  2. Is it entertaining? Yes. More popcorn please!
  3. Should you watch it? If you like a heist-gone-wrong-dark-comedy-based-on-a-true-story: yes.


Cinematography: Well it is a Michael Bay movie – very pretty pictures and the cinematography here definitely adds to the experience.
Soundstage: Solid but sound is not a major thing for this movie.

My score: 7/10


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Pain and Gain (2013): 7/10
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